Studio Sunday #3
The End of the World, Detoxification and Farming in the 17th Century Competence+ Quality = safety
Sunday, April 30 2PM

In their collaborative reading* Klara Kayser and Alex Heilbron should, could and will attempt to draw correlations between detoxification, harvesting in the 17th century, and the imminent armageddon.
This reading will present notes, poems and found text that have been organised from their individual archives and presented in five themes or sections.

Please remember to breathe throughout.

*note taking is highly recommended.

In the midst of Ashley’s community of studios, Studio Sunday is an afternoon of exchange between exhibitions. The semi-privacy of ateliers, amongst various works in progress, provides an intimate setting for dialogue and a casual yet critical environment for productive sharing. One Sunday per month a talk, reading, performance, or screening focuses on varying artistic practices and, within the spirit of exchange, something will be on offer – be it food, takeaway material, a service, or a gift.

Marking the 150 year anniversary of Canada, Ashley Berlin is proudly working in collaboration with the Embassy of Canada